So idk if anyone else reads this series, but EVERYONE SHOULD READ CAPTIVE PRINCE. LIKE RIGHT NOW.  The author has published the first 2/3 books on amazon right now, and is in the process of writing the 3rd.  

It’s seriously the most amazing story.  You may look at the summary and (like me) think that you’re not into slave stories and exit out.  BUT WAIT.  Neither am I (seriously, not even a little bit) and this still managed to grab my attention like crazyyyyyyy once I read it.  It’s not a typical slave story, not in the least.  It’s amazingly plotty and intriguing.  The main characters are fantastic, and there’s no typical slave type dynamics happening at all.  Mainly, as you’re reading, you just want to figure out WHY everything is happening, who did it, and for what reasons.  It’s so wonderful.

Me and some friends have dedicated like … a year and a half to discussing this series like crazy and trying to figure out what might come next.  The author posts it on LJ if you want to try the book out, but I urge you to buy the paperback or ebook :3 the ebook has sextras! And the paperback has an amazing map!

(I should warn you though that, if you’re trying it out on LJ, the author wrote the first few chapters intending for it to be more of a typical slavefic type story so they don’t quite represent the tone of the rest of the story as much as the rest.  Also, book two is definitely the best, it’s FANTASTICALLY AMAZING.  So just keep reading even if you’re not immediately sure you like it.  Literally everyone I know that’s tried it has ended up falling in intense love.)

(And in case you’re wondering about consent, there’s a slight dubcon incident between one of the main characters and another random guy, where the main c get’s a bj  that he wasn’t originally very into [but gets more into when the other main c starts giving the guy directions] and one attempted rape that doesn’t end in anything [also by a random guy].  There’s no sex between the main characters for quite a while, and it’s 100% PERFECT when it finally does happen.)